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Aqueti is Now Part of TOC - Transformative Optics Corporation

Cameras That Take You Beyond What the Eye Can See

Capture Everything

Aqueti’s 100-megapixel scale, multi-lens Mantis systems offer a compact, integrated solution that reinvents array cameras. Our parallel supercameras evolved from two decades of optical, electronic and computational leaps in technology. Real-time interactive functionality allows you to dive into the smallest details with total clarity. The Aqueti system plays well with a range of display and storage platforms, promising limitless possibilities for array camera deployments – from smart city applications and public surveillance to globally-shared virtual experiences.

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A Superpowered Camera

The Mantis 70 and Mantis 150 offer the ultimate surveillance solutions: compact megapixel video cameras that are truly scalable imaging platforms. The Aqueti camera operating system leverages advanced breakthroughs in cluster computing and distributed processing. Our parallel supercamera systems are ideal for high-stakes security and surveillance – at concerts, sports arenas, public events and airports. The flexible API and dynamic platform allows clients to harness the power of Mantis by customizing how the camera is controlled and how the video is processed.

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Our Superstar Team

A decade ago, a group of visionary scientists committed to revolutionizing image making gathered together to reinvent the camera as we know it. Academic thought leaders in computational imaging, software developers, hardware mavens and optics experts joined forces to create the highest resolution camera in existence. The result: a gigapixel camera huge in physical size, visual scope and ability to produce unimaginable detail. A core group emerged out of all this engineering and processing genius to form Aqueti, a company aiming to take this new technology to its ultimate goal: a supercamera compact and light enough to hold in your hands.

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