The Big Picture: Aqueti’s Mantis Camera

Our Mantis parallel supercameras offer a distinct advantage in security and surveillance, with capabilities to solve complex needs for clients ranging from concert and sports venues to airports and cities. Mantis imaging systems eliminate the limitations of traditional video setups that rely on multiple, mechanical pan-tilt-zoom cameras. These conventional cameras can record only the targeted areas at the expense of missing crucial details and moments in the larger field of view. With the Mantis camera, you can record everything within the field of view. All of this media can be explored live and after it’s been stored. A week or months later, you can zoom in and review all the data.

Mantis 150

Mantis 150

High pixel count cameras in an elegant solution.

Mantis 70 Detection - Recognition - Identification

Mantis 70 and Mantis 150

We offer two versions of our supercamera, the Mantis 70 and the Mantis 150, both powered by our parallel Camputer, which uses the NVIDIA Tegra processor platform. Inside the Mantis 70, 19 microcameras work together to cover the field of vision, every two governed by one of the processors that make up the Camputer. The 19th sensor is a single ultra-HD unifying camera in the middle for situational awareness. The Mantis 150 contains 18 microcameras, 16 lenses for long-range imaging and two lenses with a shorter focal length to provide wide-angle video.

The Mantis 70 boasts over 100-megapixel resolution, 30 frames per second and a 71 degree by 21 degree field of view (FOV). The Mantis 70 can achieve face recognition over a 70 degree field at 120 meters. The Mantis 150 also offers over 100-megapixel resolution, a 153 degree FOV, and is capable of face recognition at 75 meters. We deliver all this ingenious imaging capability in a compact package that weighs in at less than twenty pounds – and creates more resolution than human vision can comprehend.

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Mantis 150 Detection - Recognition - Identification

Breaking the Resolution Barrier – and More

Mantis cameras offer numerous advantages over even the most advanced HD or 4K cameras. They can radically scale up resolution without sacrificing frames per second. They can be placed anywhere in the world relative to the viewing station. You can instantly zoom in real time over the entire field of vision – without moving parts. And that’s the key – you can zoom in. Mantis cameras provide resolution matched to your display, even though our cameras create resolution well beyond traditional displays

Mantis cameras and imaging systems enable multi-user streaming of independent viewing windows. Mantis cameras integrate with most third party video management systems. Aqueti is currently working toward compliance with the surveillance industry’s open standard protocol, ONVIF.

With the Mantis camera, Aqueti reimagines resolution.

It’s time to really change how cameras are built and used.

Storage and Render Solutions

We offer flexible storage and render solutions as a pre-loaded appliance that runs our software, the Aqueti Camera Operating System (ACOS) and API. This external computer unit is dedicated to the Aqueti imaging system. It funnels data from the cameras, stores and processes the media using our ACOS and API to integrate with client systems.

Display Wall Solutions

Aqueti’s servers can be configured to drive display walls by utilizing a parallel array of NVIDIA GPUs. In this configuration, the output resolution of the display wall can be scaled from a single HD or 4K monitor all the way up to an array of 18 4K monitors for full-resolution viewing of the Mantis video stream.