We finally turn to the beautiful image of a spice shop. This image is slightly trickier than the other two because the exposure levels are a bit lower, which lead to a bit of speckle noise as one zooms in. With fashion shots, the advantage interactivity is that one can bot see the composed beauty of the ensemble and zoom in to feel the fabrics. One definitely has that feeling with this photo. 

Since the image is at relatively close range bokeh is pronounced. Tile servers ultimately allow bokeh management and refocus in addition to super-resolution by processing focal and exposure stacks. For now, however, we again emphasize the advantage of using photographs at their true resolution limits. 

We hope that you have enjoyed this tour of beautiful photography as much as we have enjoyed making it. Now that you have an idea what can be done with images you already have, we hope that you will agree that living pictures belong in Conde Nast brands.