Camera Rental Services

Have a client who could benefit from zoomable, 10-20K video? Need to record something at 8x zoom? Someone looking for the latest technology to promote their brand? Maybe a personal project you're working on? 

Our qG camera is now available for rent on a daily or weekly commitment. Contact us for availability and a custom quote to fit your unique needs. 

Special Events & Private Parties

Want to capture a big memory to share? Here's how it works! 

  1. You pick the event you want to cover
  2. We take zoomable 10K-20K photos and video 
  3. On a mobile device, attendees can tag themselves in multiple shots and create custom photos with comments to Share on Facebook & Twitter

Is this for a commercial event? 

Here are some added benefits!

  • Added value for in-venue fans

  • Additional reason to visit your website

  • Give your fans access to the latest broadcast technology

  • Extended online activity with multiple photos to look through

  • Broaden your online reach with fan’s social media

  • All Facebook tags and photos shared, link back to YOUR website

  • Brand exposure

  • Sponsorship opportunities 

Sponsorship and Revenue Ideas:


  • Run a sponsor’s commercial before images are viewed

  • Announce photo is brought to you by “Sponsor’s Name”

  • Create webpage with sponsor graphics to share event photos

  • Incorporate a sponsor with custom interactive games

  • Frame sharable photos with sponsor/event details

  • Drive merchandise purchases with pop-up online coupons


Schedule your event today. Let's get creative and provide a memory unlike any other! Contact us today for availability and a custom quote.