Features Overview

Aqueti is proud to announce our arrival into the security industry with an Ultra High Resolution Security Camera, the Mantis, due to be released in Q1 / Q2 of 2017.


Aqueti has created a 200MP security video camera - 100X the resolution of an HD camera - in 140 degree and 75 degree versions. 

20161020_140711 edit.jpg

Above you can see a scene taken from the Manthis Camera & displayed on a 12MP video wall. See that truck in the center of the view?

Here see that same truck, but with incredible clarity. No optical zoom is required - everything is digital. And that means you can capture everything in the scene all at once, with no need to pan, tilt, or optically zoom!

Below see the Manthis in action, capable of zooming in anywhere within its field-of-view live or from recorded data