Aqueti returned to Sunday Night Football at the December 14 game between the Eagles and the Cowboys at Lincoln Financial Field. Major upgrades to the camera control and clip editing interface were implemented for this game, including streaming capture of clips of arbitrary length as well as key frame editing and rendered clip storage. While much of the play was on the side of the field unobserved by our camera, we recorded nearly every play in the game and ended the night with over 200 clips in memory. 

We also made substantial advances in image quality and temporal synchronization. Ghosting and image offset errors remain the primary defects in our rendered clips, but these are vastly reduced relative to previous outings. While none of our clips made it to broadcast, as shown below they do tell interesting stories that cannot be told by other cameras.

The qG camera has three unique advantages for broadcast coverage:

1. It persistently observes its entire field of view and thus never misses a play. While this advantage was demonstrated in our Charlotte coverage, important points of play are only rarely missed in NFL coverage.

2. It allows the broadcaster to show the field that the player sees. Human vision is not locked to the porthole of conventional camera views. Players synthesize wide view world models from quick scans. qG images allow broadcasters to show viewers the world that the player sees.

3. It allows the broadcaster and viewer to connect points in play by freezing time and panning to compare events at diverse points on the field.

Advantages 2 and 3  yield interesting stories on virtually every play. This web page illustrates these advantages through various clips taken with the qG camera at the Eagles-Cowboys contest. Let's begin with Dez Bryant's first touchdown. Of course all of the zoom and pan shown in this clip is digital, the qG captures the entire field of view all the time. This clip shows how open Bryant gets in the context of the full field.

Dallas went up 21-0, but the Eagles got back in the game. Here's a quick clip showing LeSean McCoy's options on a quick out. We see the coverage Sanchez sees, we see McCoy's options, which turn out to be pretty limited. 

Things look better for the Eagles a few minutes later as Chris Polk scores on a 2 yard run. We see the hole that Polk sees, but we also get to show in context how Sanchez, the bench and the fans react. 

Later in the third quarter, Mark Sanchez waves Darren Sproles over, as if to say don't you want to score too? No holes to be had this time, but Sproles outruns the defenders at the corner. The qG allows us to scan the moment as the Cowboys say What?, the Eagles say Yeah? and the bench celebrates the brief Eagles lead.

Ok, the Cowboys have had enough. Romo gives Dez Bryant a thumbs up, playground speak for let's do the same thing again. He's having a Babe Ruth "call the homer" moment. Panning over, we see Dez nod his head, game on. Freezing time and scanning with the qG, we see that Romo launches his great arc while Bryant is completely covered, knowing that his man will get to the mark first. Freezing the moment of the catch allows us to pan back to Romo's Yeah Baby!

Bryant had an incredible night. This clip shows just how open he could be.

Romo also had fun, here we see his world as he improvises.

Aqueti is grateful to NBC, the NFL, DARPA and Anthony Bailey for giving us the opportunity to take this data. We have made incredible progress in our four football outings. (See (kickoff), (firstdown) and (seconddown) for the history of this project. 

Stay tuned, Aqueti will get in the game.