Aqueti returned to Sunday Night Football for the third time on 12 October at Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia. Click below for our video report on the game.

The qG camera, operated in burst capture mode, recorded approximately 20 126 frame sequences. Major advances since our last outing included reduction of the burst down load time from 120 to 50 seconds, improvements in clip rendering speed and improvements in microcamera image quality. Image blending was not quite as good as in Charlotte, but improved calibration workflow will correct this issue for future events. 

Aqueti anticipates full video stream recording at 30 frames per second by early to mid-November, which will eliminate the burst workflow of our current platform. At that point, we anticipate reducing latency from play to rendered clips below 20 seconds, which will be important for teams, like the Eagles, that run a play every 25 seconds. 

With our camera platform working well, we are increasingly focused on workflow for broadcasting, we hope to make it to air soon.

Here is a interactive still taken from one of the video clips:

Thanks to NBC and the NFL for allowing us to conduct this experiment, as well as DARPA and Duke University for enabling us to create the cameras.