21st Century Television

Modern sports and television have evolved together. As we enter the second century of television, revolutionary new opportunities are emerging to engage fans in the stadium, at home and on the road. Aqueti is leading the development of 21st century television through unique and proprietary technologies, including

  1. Cameras that capture from 250 megapixels to 2 gigapixels,
  2. Cloud services that broadcast interactive images and video and
  3. Mobile applications that integrate social networks, broadcasting and fan engagement. 

This page and the following pages show interactive images generated from conventional media shared by the NHL. Aqueti's proprietary processing and hosting strategies enable the NHL and its media and advertising partners to get the greatly increase fan engagement from conventional photographs and video. At the same time, Aqueti cameras enable unprecedented resolution in for interactive and conventional broadcasts. 

Aqueti proposes three near-term engagements with the NHL:

  1. In collaboration with broadcast partners, we propose to use Aqueti's qG 250 megapixel camera to create replays that find details ordinary cameras miss and to create compelling interactive clips for rebroadcast and online media.
  2. We propose to use Aqueti cloud services to make make bring conventional online media to life and 
  3. We propose to integrate interactive cloud-based media in the NHL's mobile fan engagement strategy. 

Since we have a camera with us today for demonstration, we save the camera for last and begin our discussion by looking at conventional photography and video integrated with mobile devices. Go to aqueti.com/nhl to explore. Click here to continue the story.