Hurricane Arthur passed over the Outer Banks of North Carolina early on Fourth of July with only minor damage and flooding. 10-20,000 customers lost power, but power was mostly restored on the inland side of Pamlico Sound by mid-morning. Today we are posting two images shot with a 12 megapixel Nikon D300 camera. The first image shows busy traffic on Bath Creek around mid-day on July 5. The Bath Marina anchored around 15 sail boats in the creek to ride out of the storm, two of which at the back of this photo. Most of the damage from Hurricane Arthur will be economic since tourist traffic has been depressed for the holiday weekend. As shown by this photo, however, there was plenty of activity along Bath Creek. 

The second photo, also taken on July 5 with the Nikon, shows the unaffected swamp at Goose Creek State Park near Bath. There was a debris line showing a storm surge of 1-2 feet above the typical high water level along the Pamlico River, but the most dramatic impact was a drop of about 3 feet below the mean water level as water was sucked out to innundate the Outer Banks. While we have talked to several people that saw crab pots well out into the river exposed, we have yet to find anyone that took a picture. 

Arthur had substantially greater impact in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick, where tens of thousands of people lost power.