Aqueti is dedicated to bringing photography to life. Comparing a photograph to a pool of water, the number of pixels is equivalent to the depth to which one can dive. A cell phone is a kiddie pool and the Aqueti qG is a serious dive tank. But it is fun, of course, to play in kiddie pools. Beginning today, Aqueti is experimenting with bring photos from the web to life.

Our picture today is from the Flickr page of the US Coast Guard. Specifically, we looking at the image of flooding on Hatteras Island, as shown here.  While the posted image is only 2.5 megapixels, one can understand the devastation better in looking at Aqueti's 30 megapixel version, shown below. Of course a much better interactive image could be produced using the raw 36 megapixel image from the Nikon D800 camera used to take this photo.