While current practice places 1-2 megapixel snapshots online and HD or UHD video in broadcast, Aqueti services allow effective use of the full 20-50 megapixel resolution of current digital cameras and the full 4K resolution of video, even on bandwidth and display constrained devices.  Aqueti proposes, however, that resolution should go much further. Fans at the arena and at home should expect to see much more from NBA media than they can see with their naked eyes. 

Aqueti's qG camera provides 50 by 25 degree field of view 60 megapixel (between 8 and 16K) video at 30 frames per second or 240 megapixels at 6 frames per second. Since 10 megapixel subregions of the image are focused and exposed independently, the qG achieves unprecedented depth of field and dynamic range. 

As shown below, the qG has been tested at Cameron Indoor Stadium. Aqueti will use the qG in football broadcasts this Fall. Testing and deployment provisioning for NBA broadcasts should begin now. 

Let's start by looking at the live qG demo.