Aqueti is the world leader in large array camera video capture and rendering. We lay out arrays in diverse topologies to capture detail and motion in space and time. As an example of projects in development, here is a clip of boxing captured up close in Aqueti's development lab:

Aqueti is building virtual reality television. Virtual reality means three things:

  1. Viewers navigate continuously as easily as walking around the stadium.
  2. Viewers can zoom as well as move and
  3. Viewing is a social experience.

To achieve this vision, Aqueti has developed proprietary array camera hardware and software as well as interactive streaming media distribution technologies. We are working with broadcasters, event sponsors and social networks to create next generation viewing experiences.

Technical background on Aqueti's history and technologies may be obtained by clicking on the papers below

"Three dimensional imaging with the Argus sensor array," Proceedings of the SPIE, 2002.

"Multiscale gigapixel photography," Nature, 2012 

"Gigapixel Television," 14th Takayanagi Kenjiro Memorial Symposium, 2012