Aqueti's Aware 2 camera resolves 4 mm features at 100 meters, corresponding to about 40 pixels from the tip of the chin to the crown of the head. 40 pixels is enough to recognize a person, but not a high quality portrait. The 800 pixel portrait attached here was taken in a studio at a range of 2 meters with a DSLR. AWARE 2 would capture similar quality at a range of 5 meters. 200 pixels on the face at a range of 20 meters would be a very high quality photograph of a group of perhaps 100 people standing shoulder to shoulder. A very nice wedding party. 

Photographing people on risers or in the stands, Aware 2 might nicely photograph several thousand friends, perhaps a graduating class.

Here are the pixels on the face and ranges for Aware 2:

800 pixels, 5 meters
400 pixels, 10 meters
200 pixels, 20 meters
100 pixels, 40 meters
50 pixels, 80 meters
25 pixels, 160 meters

Faces of diverse scale.