Traditional broadcasting requires a camera operator to track the play and move the camera to accordingly. While it is not difficult to focus on home plate, the mound and the strike zone, powerful and important images maybe found anywhere on a baseball diamond. Consider, for example, this image from game 4 of the recent NLDS between the Cardinals and the Dodgers

This is a powerful image, it's fun to zoom in and read Matt Adams' name on his bat and see his elation at the game winning home run. How much more fun would it be if Clayton Kershaw were also in focus? If the fans were also in focus? If one could zoom out and see how the entire team was reacting and find the ball clearing the wall? These are the sorts of images that Aqueti can capture. Consider, for example, the image shown below taken with an Aqueti camera at a Durham Bulls game in 2013. (Click this sentence to see more Bulls photos).

For the past 5 years, Aqueti has been developing revolutionary wide field of view high resolution cameras. Rather than requiring the camera operator to track the play, our cameras capture the entire diamond and allow rights holders to create real-time broadcasts, replays and game content with every play in context. This past summer Aqueti extended our platform to support real-time interactive wide field video with resolution comparable to 10-40K video cameras (e.g. up to 100 times as many pixels as 4K cameras). A short clip illustrating zoomable 10K video in a stadium is shown below. This video was creating using a joy stick on Aqueti's real-time rendering platform. The camera does not move or pan, the operator is zooming into the image. The operator can zoom with similar resolution anywhere in the stadium to any moment in time. 

Aqueti is dedicated digital recording systems that capture the complete value of sports and to interactive broadcasting platforms that deliver this value for teams, sponsors and fans. The image below of Fenway Park was taken with a conventional camera, imagine having this shot in high resolution streaming all the time.