The qG camera consists of 34 micro-cameras placed behind one large lens. Instead of traditional panoramic photography, where one takes a sequence of pictures and stitches them together, the qG takes all 34 photos, simultaneously .Those photos are then automatically stitched together to create ONE massive, 250 megapixel photo.

What's the Big Deal!? Detail & Control.

With 34 individual micro-cameras, you have control & flexibility like never before.

Internal View of qG Camera

Internal View of qG Camera

34 independent settings for:

  • Focus
  • ISO
  • Shutter Speed

Create groups, or set individually

H.D.R. (High Dynamic Range) with ONE photo of ONE moment

250 megapixels bring maximum detail

  • Users can now zoom-in and "Point-and-shoot" their own custom image

32-bit HDR image for endless editing possibilities

Optical System of the qG Camera  

Optical System of the qG Camera


qG Camera Specs

Image Size 23,000 x 11,000 pixels (253 Megapixels)
Field of View 50° x 24°
Instantaneous Field-of-View 38 urad (~8x binoculars)
f/# 3.2
Focusing Distance 6 feet - infinity (adjustable over field-of-view)
Effective Focal Length 35 mm
Wavelength Range 450-650 nm
Power 100 Watts (Battery Operable or 120V AC)
Weight 15 kg
Volume 15.5" W x 8" H x 13.5" D
Frame-rate (full resolution) 6 frames per second
Frame-rate (half resolution) 24 frames per second
Image Size (raw) 442 Megabytes
Image Size (compressed) 50-75 Megabytes
Exposure Time 1/500 to 1/6 seconds
Sensor Bit Depth (raw) 12 bit ADC on-chip
Pixel Size 1.4 microns
Maximum SNR 35.5 dB
Auto Exposure/Gain In firmware
Computer Interface Ethernet
Software Custom software capable of live preview, image saving, stitching and export