The q360 is a 32 camera array focused in on a central point from a ring distribution. q360 produces real-time interactive media at 30 frames per second with HD-SDI and digital outputs. Full data from all cameras is continuously recorded and multiple simultaneous editing stations are supported. 

Aqueti's team has constructed many array cameras over the past two decades. Whether the cameras are looking out over a wide field of view, as with the qG, or looking in from different perspectives, as with the q360, the same basic design principles and operating software may be applied.

The q360 camera descends from the Argus 64 camera array we constructed in 1999. Here is a clip of markedly younger Aqueti founders taken with the Argus array:

We also used Argus for tomographic 360 scene reconstruction, which allows rotation out of the plane as shown here:

A lot can happen in 15 years. Where Argus used monochrome VGA cameras, the q360 consists of HD cameras each with 20x optical zoom. More significantly, explosive growth in the internet and mobile devices allows q360 to produce interactive features, such as the 2015 shot of team Aqueti shown here: Click on the image to go interactive, drag your finger or mouse to rotate.